Identifying Opportunities

EnMaCo are always looking out for new Australian renewable energy investment opportunities. Whether these are rural off-grid projects or utility scale systems that need funding we  are always looking for Australian renewable energy investment opportunities that we can present to our investment partners. We are currently working together with a range of partners to provide funding for renewable energy projects in Australia.

For many businesses in Western Australia, the excellent solar resource can provide a cost effective alternative to purchasing electricity from your utility supplier. However, for larger users, the capital expense may not be justifiable when competing with other investment projects. In some cases EnMaCo may be able to assist you to find financing and development assistance for your renewable energy investment project.

Funding renewable energy projects through power purchasing agreements (PPA) means that we can find investors who are willing to take on the costs of developing a project in return for an ongoing agreement to purchase electricity from the generation system once its up and running. These power purchasing agreements define the amount of electricity that will be purchased / supplied and the price of that electricity. PPA periods vary from 5 to 15 years and depend on the project size and specific details.

If you have a renewable energy project, requiring capacity of 2MW or more, that needs development and investment assistance, why not contact us.

EnMaco are actively bringing renewable energy projects and investors together.