Commercial Energy Audits

EnMaCo provide energy audits in Western Australia to the standards of AS/NZ 3598:2014.

An energy audit involves assessing how and when energy is currently being used and identifying the ways in which energy use can be reduced or better managed to minimise its costs.

A commercial energy audit will usually identify opportunities to reduce power use by 10% to 40%, with many recommendations involving minimal investment (simple payback periods of less than six months).

A commercial energy audit involves:

  • Gathering data on current energy use from energy bills and technical data of equipment;
  • Performing an extensive walk through audit of the premises;
  • Assessing energy use of equipment;
  • Developing a detailed load profile;
  • Assessing seasonal variations in energy use;
  • Providing a detailed breakdown of your energy use;
  • Identifying areas where energy savings can be made;
  • Making recommendation about how to reduce energy use;
  • Evaluating the costs and simple payback period of recommendations;
  • Analysing energy use and carbon emissions;
  • Benchmarking your power consumption to assess the effectiveness of any measures which you implement.

Where electrical work is required, such as three phase metering or installation of smart meters, we will sub-contract an appropriately licensed electrician to perform this work.

If you would like to arrange a quotation and written proposal please contact us for an energy audit quotation.

Independent Energy Management Consultant

EnMaCo are an independent energy management consultant. We are not connected with any supplier of renewable energy systems or retro fitting equipment suppliers. We consult with our client and various suppliers to determine the best way of meeting their needs. Where we have previously achieved good results with a particular local business we may recommend this business to future clients but will not receive any financial compensation from that business for doing so.

Required Information and Documents

For commercial energy audits, the following information is normally required prior to commencement of the on-site audit:

  • Copies of all energy bills for the last two years, (preferably in electronic form where available).
  • Electrical drawings for the site.
  • Architectural drawings for the site.
  • Normal operating hours of the site and any sub-sections.
  • Details of any areas operating outside the normal hours.
  • Operating hours of air-conditioning at the site.
  • Normal number of people at the site.
  • Details of all metering, sub-metering and kWh meters at the site.
  • Lighting timetable for external and security lighting.
  • Details of all UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems.
  • Details of all lifts.
  • Details of any large motors including pumps and extraction systems.
  • Details of air-conditioning systems.
  • Details of hot water systems.
  • Details of any boilers or steam systems.
  • Letters of authority giving permission to request quotes from electricity suppliers.
  • Meter readings, taken twice daily, at the start and finish of each normal business day for a period of at least 7 days.

Having this information prior to the onsite component of the audit ensures that the walkthrough can be performed quickly and with minimum impact to your operations. This also ensures that there is a minimum delay between completion of the on-site component and issue of the first draft of the audit.