Energy Management

EnMaCo energy management consultants can help your organisation to significantly reduce it’s energy costs, both in the short term and the long term. We can also help you make a shift toward renewable energy.  EnMaCo work with medium to large organisations to assess how energy is being used and how energy costs can be reduced. We can identify opportunities to cut your business’s energy costs and help your organisation to move to more sustainable energy sources, without affecting your energy stability.

EnMaCo takes a broad approach to reducing energy costs. This incorporates energy audits, implementing energy efficiency measures, energy management planning, energy management training and renewable energy implementation. EnMaCo can help you to meet your energy requirements whilst reducing your energy expenditure.  The savings from energy efficiency alone are normally between 10% and 20% of existing energy costs.

An energy audit identifies how you are using your energy which highlights the most cost effective way of reducing your electricity and gas bills. This can be through using more efficient technology or through simple mechanical means. For example, at a client’s office we identified a lack of insulation and noted that morning sun was shining on the windows.  By installing insulation and providing shading to windows the client made a 20% reduction in their summer cooling bills.

Peak loading often accounts for a significant element of energy bills. By implementing systems and strategies to reduce your peak load we can often reduce your bills through minor changes to how you manage your operations. We can also assist contestable customers to negotiate cost reductions with suppliers.

Whilst we love renewable energy, not everybody feels the same way. However, when we show you how much you can reduce your long term energy bills for a relatively small investment, you will understand that there is much more to solar than just being green.

For larger organisations that have significant ongoing energy use we may be able to provide funded solar generation systems which will meet your ongoing energy needs.

Whatever your energy management goals are, contact EnMaCo today to see how we can help you.